Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anatomy Lesson

I miss my characters so much, I decided to give Lilly and Eric their moment. It would be inevitable.

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  1. One more time:

    I miss them a great deal, too. I was hoping for their wedding before Wooden Rose ended. Of course, Nessa would have been the Maid of Honor.

    Wooden Rose II:

    Eric and Lily marry in a small but elegant ceremony with Nessa as Maid of Honor. Shortly afterward, Aidan appears. Nessa's love has revived the Cranshee's human form and called it to her. No longer a Cranshee, Aidan still has some supernatural powers which will come in handy in the months to come.

    Nessa and Aidan also marry, with Eric as Best Man and Lily as Matron of Honor. This form of Aidan is different: far from using Nessa solely as a means of continuing his kind, he is a warm and loving person, human in every way.

    Nessa soon becomes pregnant (in the usual, human way) and the child of the union shows remarkable abilities from the moment of its birth. In particular, it is able to recognize the presence of supernatural entities present near it. It is also able to combat these entities, if necessary, though as an infant, its abilities to battle the supernatural is necessarily limited. The abilities do increase in power with age, though, giving more hope for the future.

    The child's abilities are necessary to the survival of humanity since Nessa's loving touch of the monument did more than cause a rose to sprout from it. Indeed, the monument is a portal to another supernatural world and it is now open. Through the portal, entities of various kinds are able to enter the world in which our heroines and heros live.

    Some of the entities are benevolent and beneficial to humanity but they need help finding their place in this world. Others bring mischief and need to be defeated if only to protect humanity from their "pranks." A few, though, are evil and threaten the very existence of humanity. If not returned to their own world, humanity is doomed to a horrific fate.

    Science, goodness, love and family are important powers in their own right but insufficient to defeat the most evil of the entities. The powers held by the child, with Aidan's help, add enough to save humanity but also make the child a target in the cosmic battle of good and evil.

    Eric, Lily, Nessa and Aidan must protect the child until it grows old enough its powers are sufficient to defeat the dark entities. Aidan must also hold the dark entities at bay to protect humanity until the final showdown.

    Will they succeed? Will humanity be saved? Will peace and happiness be theirs at last?